US Best Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Program Rankings (Schools Offering Doctorate) 2013

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* Schools within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

Rank School Tuition
1 Johns Hopkins University

(Baltimore, MD, the USA)

2 Georgia Institute of Technology

(Atlanta, GA, the USA)

in-state: $10,098, out-of-state: $29,402
3 Duke University

(Durham, NC, the USA)

4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Cambridge, MA, the USA)

5 University of California--San Diego

(La Jolla, CA, the USA)

6 Rice University

(Houston, TX, the USA)

6 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

(Ann Arbor, MI, the USA)

in-state: $13,437, out-of-state: $39,109
8 Case Western Reserve University

(Cleveland, OH, the USA)

9 University of Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia, PA, the USA)

10 Stanford University

(Stanford, CA, the USA)

10 University of California--Berkeley

(Berkeley, CA, the USA)

10 University of Washington

(Seattle, WA, the USA)

13 Northwestern University

(Evanston, IL, the USA)

14 University of Texas--Austin

(Austin, TX, the USA)

in-state: $9,792, out-of-state: $33,060
15 Boston University

(Boston, MA, the USA)

16 Vanderbilt University

(Nashville, TN, the USA)

17 Washington University in St. Louis

(St. Louis, MO, the USA)

18 Purdue University--West Lafayette

(West Lafayette, IN, the USA)

in-state: $9,900, out-of-state: $28,702
18 University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign

(Champaign, IL, the USA)

in-state: $14,428, out-of-state: $28,570
18 University of Wisconsin--Madison

(Madison, WI, the USA)

in-state: $10,384, out-of-state: $26,634
21 Cornell University

(Ithaca, NY, the USA)

22 California Institute of Technology

(Pasadena, CA, the USA)