2019 Best Private All-Boys High Schools in America

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SchoolStyleLocationGradeOverall Niche GradeStudentsStudent-Teacher Ratio
Leo Catholic High SchoolPrivate SchoolChicago, IL9-12C+11513:1
Archbishop Hanna High SchoolPrivate SchoolSonoma, CA8-12C+1075:1
Valley Torah High School - Boys DivisionPrivate SchoolValley Village, CA9-12A1206:1
Mesivta Ateres YaakovPrivate SchoolLawrence, NY9-12A-20211:1
Texas Torah InstitutePrivate SchoolDallas, TX9-12B+4110:1
Dorius AcademyPrivate SchoolLayton, UT9-12B+4011:1
Mechina of South FloridaPrivate SchoolMiami Beach, FL7-12B+908:1
Summit AcademyPrivate SchoolHerman, PA9-12B+3129:1
Talmudical Academy of BaltimorePrivate SchoolBaltimore, MDPK, K-12B+1,05214:1
Glen Mills SchoolsPrivate SchoolGlen Mills, PA7-12B4203:1
Yeshiva of Far RockawayPrivate SchoolFar Rockaway, NY9-12B12812:1
United Talmudical AcademyPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG3,31913:1
Educational Institute Oholei Torah - Oholei MenachemPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG1,25018:1
Educational Institute Oholei TorahPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG1,20213:1
Yeshiva & Mesivta V'Yoel MoshePrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG83114:1
Mesivta Sholom SchachnaPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG65211:1
Yeshiva Karlin Stolin - High SchoolPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG63311:1
Colegio San Ignacio de LoyolaPrivate SchoolSan Juan, PR7-12NG5958:1
Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah TemimahPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG56027:1
Yeshiva & Misivta Tiferes ElimelechPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYK-12NG54813:1
Talmud Torah Ohr MoshePrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, 1-12NG44710:1
Bnei Shimon YisroelPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG41614:1
Yeshiva Beth Hillel of KrasnaPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG40811:1
Talmud Torah of KashoPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG4079:1
Bobover Yeshiva of MonseyPrivate SchoolMonsey, NYPK, K-11NG36011:1
Canyon State AcademyPrivate SchoolQueen Creek, AZ4-12NG3479:1
Mosdos Chasidei SquarePrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG32312:1
Talmud Torah Toldos Yakov YosefPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG30210:1
Yeshiva Derech HatorahPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG2768:1
Hychel Hatorah of WilliamsburgPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG26818:1
Woodward AcademyPrivate SchoolWoodward, IA6-12NG25511:1
Mesivta of LakewoodPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ8-12NG24711:1
Israel Henry Beren High SchoolPrivate SchoolBaltimore, MD9-12NG24011:1
Yeshiva Imrei Yosef SpinkaPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-11NG22610:1
Mesivta High SchoolPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG22019:1
Mesivta Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim BerlinPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG22021:1
Mirrer Yeshiva High SchoolPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG1978:1
Yeshiva Shaar EphraimPrivate SchoolMonsey, NY9-12NG18613:1
Immaculate Conception AcademyPrivate SchoolPost Falls, IDK-12NG1856:1
Mesivta Ateres Shmuel of WaterburyPrivate SchoolWaterbury, CT9-12NG181
Yeshivat Ohel TorahPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NYPK, K-12NG1755:1
Yeshiva GedolahPrivate SchoolWaterbury, CT9-12NG15615:1
Mesivta Tifereth JerusalemPrivate SchoolNew York, NYK-12NG1544:1
Yeshiva Tiferes ElimelechPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG15127:1
Agape Boarding SchoolPrivate SchoolStockton, MOK-12NG14710:1
St. Gabriels HallPrivate SchoolAudubon, PA6-12NG1464:1
Mesivta of Long BeachPrivate SchoolLong Beach, NY9-12NG14413:1
Yeshiva Keren HatorahPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ9-12NG13828:1
Lubavitcher High SchoolPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG13514:1
Telshe High SchoolPrivate SchoolWickliffe, OH9-12NG13515:1
Ohel ElozerPrivate SchoolBroklyn, NY9-12NG13324:1
Yeshiva Toras ChaimPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ9-11NG13116:1
Mesivta Tiferes Rav Zvi Aryeh ZemelPrivate SchoolPassaic, NJ9-12NG13012:1
Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon ChabadPrivate SchoolLos Angeles, CA9-12NG1297:1
Yeshiva Meor HatalmudPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG1279:1
Yeshiva Gedola of South MonseyPrivate SchoolAirmont, NY9-12NG12211:1
Yeshiva Gedolah Ohr YisroelPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY10-12NG11810:1
Yeshiva of the Telshe Alumni - High SchoolPrivate SchoolBronx, NY9-12NG1187:1
Ohr Hameir Seminary - Tifereth Israel High SchoolPrivate SchoolPeekskill, NY9-12NG11529:1
Lubavitch Mesivta of ChicagoPrivate SchoolChicago, IL9-11NG11414:1
Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia - High SchoolPrivate SchoolPhiladelphia, PA9-12NG10917:1
Yeshiva Shaar Hatorah - High SchoolPrivate SchoolRichmond Hill, NY9-12NG10815:1
Yeshiva VyelipolPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG10310:1
Yeshiva Imrei PhiPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG10213:1
Yeshiva Shaarei YosherPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG1019:1
Telshe High SchoolPrivate SchoolChicago, IL9-12NG1006:1
Yeshiva Birchas ShmuelPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY6-12NG1007:1
LaSalle SchoolPrivate SchoolAlbany, NY7-12NG984:1
Provo Canyon School - Provo CampusPrivate SchoolProvo, UT8-12NG978:1
Yeshiva High School of MonseyPrivate SchoolMonsey, NY9-12NG9712:1
Somerset Hills SchoolPrivate SchoolWarren, NJ3-11NG964:1
Yeshiva Beis Dovid ShlomoPrivate SchoolWest Haven, CT9-12NG95
Yeshiva Birchas ChaimPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ9-12NG9515:1
Yeshivas Emek HatorahPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ9-12NG9511:1
Bais Hamedrash & Mesivta of BaltimorePrivate SchoolBaltimore, MD9-12NG9312:1
Mesivta Chofetz ChaimPrivate SchoolFlushing, NY9-12NG9310:1
Congregation Beth Medrash LeviPrivate SchoolMiami Beach, FL7-11NG908:1
Joseph S. Gruss Yeshiva High SchoolPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG9017:1
Yeshiva Mesivta MenachemPrivate SchoolStaten Island, NY9-11NG9016:1
Notre Dame De La Salette Boys AcademyPrivate SchoolGeorgetown, IL8-12NG88
Lakewood SchoolPrivate SchoolDousman, WI3-12NG8611:1
Yeshiva Gedolah Rabbinical Institute of New EnglandPrivate SchoolNew Haven, CT9-12NG8414:1
Bonnie Brae SchoolPrivate SchoolLiberty Corner, NJ6-12NG834:1
Yeshiva Chemdat HatorahPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ9-12NG837:1
Benchmark SchoolPrivate SchoolWoods Cross, UT7-12NG8212:1
Twin Oaks Vocational AcademyPrivate SchoolGreenville, FL3-12NG827:1
Yeshiva of Greater Washington Boys DivisionPrivate SchoolSilver Spring, MD7-12NG824:1
Yeshiva High School - The Saperstein CampusPrivate SchoolCleveland, OH7-12NG815:1
Grand Prairie SchoolPrivate SchoolOnarga, IL6-12NG776:1
Natchez Trace Youth AcademyPrivate SchoolWaverly, TN7-12NG7610:1
Yeshiva Gedolah Meor HatorahPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ9-11NG7619:1
Miller's Preparatory Academy for BoysPrivate SchoolLithonia, GAK-12NG759:1
Yeshiva Mesivta ChernobilPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-12NG7415:1
Keren HatorahPrivate SchoolBrooklyn, NY9-11NG7214:1
Rabbi Jacob Joseph School - High SchoolPrivate SchoolEdison, NJ9-12NG7115:1
Yeshiva Bais PinchosPrivate SchoolLakewood, NJ9-12NG7110:1
Congregation Mesifta Ohr HatalmudPrivate SchoolNew Windsor, NY9-12NG705:1
Devereux Day School - BrandywinePrivate SchoolGlenmoore, PA2-12NG705:1
Mesivta Rabbi Samson Raphael HirschPrivate SchoolNew York, NY8-12NG707:1
Yeshiva Ohr ReuvenPrivate SchoolSuffern, NY9-12NG697:1

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